REVIEW: Lelo Nea

I've been taking my time getting to my review of the Nea. That's not to say it hasn't traveled up to the top of my toybox, oh no, this adorably tiny vibe has in the past month and a half become the most used toy in my collection. My go-to vibe. My #1. Numero Uno. It's small and totally hide-able, it's rechargable, has pleasent functions and sufficiently strong, steady vibrations. The only thing I would do differently with the Nea, is make it waterproof, and I'd be a one toy woman. Yeah, it's that great.

That said, different vibrators will be different levels of perfect, to different people. So before we get to the technical stuff, I'll describe what my body likes so you can consider the difference/similarity with what your body likes. My clit is powerhungry, but low/deep vibrations don't do it for me, neither to super high/buzzy vibrations. I think whether or not a vibe is going to please me, has something to do with the frequency of the vibrations. (An electric toothbrush was the beginnings of my appreciation for vibration, and it served me well for a long time.) The Nea has a happy medium of buzzy and deep, nothing crazy intense powertool strong, like the Hitachi, but nothing fluttery weak either.

The Nea's vibrations are very much like GiGi's vibrations (common motor) except it's under a plastic shell instead of a silicone coated one. The functions are pretty much the same too. Turn it on, you get steady vibrations, for a week this is all I thought the Nea had, which I was fine with, then I discovered that holding down the "increase power" button (the one above the O in lelo) on the highest intensity scrolls through the functions. The first is a steady pulse (<3 <3) the second is a faster steady pulse (<3 <3 <3) that is a great tease, the next one is a fast, fluttery pulse (<3) and the last is a wave (<3 <3 <3 <3) that is an awesome warm up, very exciting. At any time in the functions, the "decrease intensity" button returns to steady vibration. A quick press of both buttons turns it off, but to lock it (love the lock feature, super discretion protection) you'll need to hold those buttons down and count to six. To unlock, you just do the same thing.

Because it's made of plastic, you can use whatever lube you want. However, it isn't waterproof so I've often worried about fluids getting in the buttons when things get slippery. This happens often though, and I haven't had any problems yet. You should definately be careful when washing too, because nothing covers the recharging hole (where the plug is inserted), I usually wipe it down with a damp cloth, or toy wipe. You could wipe it down with alcohol or 10% bleach too, but plastic doesn't really sterilize the way silicone, glass or steel toys do.

Speaking of the rechargable aspect, I've found the recharging to be extremely efficient. A few hours charge (till the light stops blinking) typically lasts me a couple weeks of about ten minutes a night play time. I haven't really noticed any decrease in power until it dies either. A good thing cause you get the most of your power, but a bad thing because there isn't much warning that you're about to short out.


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