My 1st HNT!

REVIEW: Bad Dragon Cum Lube

This stuff is great, and that's surprising because I completely expected it to be creepy and gross. In all actuality, Bad Dragon's own product "Cum Lube" is pretty awesome stuff. The bottle describes it as "a white-tinted viscous lube, similar in appearance and handling to real cum, only much easier to obtain in quantity." And it is, really.

Cum Lube is a water based lube, so it's safe for use with silicone, which makes sense since Bad Dragon produces fantasy inspired silicone dildos. No funky smell or flavor that I could detect. The four ingredients are listed right on the bottle, but two of them are parabens (propylparaben, methylparaben) so if you are Paraben-sensitive that might be something to consider.

I did the classic dime sized amount, rubbed-between-fingers test, and it took a full minute before there was any drag between my fingers at all. In fact, my fingers were getting tired from sliding together so fast for so long. Of course, exposed to air, you're just not going to get as lasting an effect as internally where your own liquids and warmth will amplify the effects of lubricant, so a full minute was pretty impressive. The consistency is a little thin, and especially with body heat it gets a little runny, but it doesn't insta-absorb into the skin. As it does though, it doesn't leave a greasy or sticky film, and dries quite smooth. Nobody likes to feel like they need to book it to a shower after using a bit of lube.

Of Cum Lube's texture, I will say this, there can't possible be anything as stringy and stretchy as this on the market. I'll be including a video with this review to show you, but this stuff is seriously stringy. And the strings can get some serious length too. So a little goes a long way, Bad Dragon sent me an 8 fl oz bottle with my Xenogon, and while it has quickly become my go-to lube for the past month, I've barely made a dent in the bottle.


REVIEW: The Xenogon

Bad Dragon Toys creates custom, high quality adult toys. There's a lot of designs, and a lot of options for each design. Also, all Bad Dragon Toys are guaranteed for 25 years, and expected to last a lifetime, so that too is pretty impressive. Their customer service was very attentive, pleasant and helpful. Overall I was really impressed with my first Bad Dragon purchase. But lets get to the good stuff.

The first thing I want to say about Xenogon's material is that all of Bad Dragon's toys are made of "high quality, platinum-cure silicone," and a Material Data Safety Sheet is available via their website. The information is readily available and there's no shady business about it (like with a lot of "silicone" toys out there) so I was really impressed with this.

When purchasing a toy from Bad Dragon, you choose how soft or firm you would like the toy to be. I spent a lot of time trying to decide which density level to go with because come on when something is labeled "soft" how are you supposed to know how soft is soft? But a lot of forum searching steered me in the right direction, and the fellow customers there seem happy to help and answer any questions they can.

For this toy I ended up selecting the density level 5, which is medium. Upon it's arrival, I was really surprised how soft medium was and can't imagine how squishy soft would be! It is definitely the most plush silicone I've felt, there's lots of give, stretch and bend to it. Next time I think I would go for the most dense level, simply because such a soft toy does require a little maneuvering for penetration, but a nice plushy dragon dildo is something I am glad to have added to my collection.

Initially I was surprised at the petite size of the Xenogon, granted I did order the small because I wanted to be able to take the whole knot and I am no size queen, but the neck of the shaft is quite slender. That said, I was also surprised how successfully the ridges and especially bumps managed to effectively stimulate. There is an incredible variety of textures and sensations to be had from the Xenogon. (The nubbies near the tip, oh the nubbies near the tip.)

The concept of the knot, is a little strange. However, in use, gives enough variation in girth that you can take what you like and either work on taking the rest, or not. Either way thrusting with it is nice, and exercising with it is nice. The base is large and flat, but there's not so much of it that I can't get vibe-to-clit action, which I love to accompany the Xenogon with. (BD Xenogon + LELO Nea = most amazing orgasm ever)

Some snooping around the website's forum showed me that many use the toys for anal play, which the large bases seem 100% safe for. Now, because the material is so soft and pliant, I imagine that (once past the initial challenge of penetration- soft material is less stiff, you get the picture) it would feel quite nice anally. I don't currently experiment with butt love, so I can't personally vouch for it, but I do imagine that it would work really well for this purpose. Vaginally, it was kind of an interesting workout for my muscles to get past the knot and clench to hold the toy in though.

With the Xenogon came a large, silicone disk. Not only was it level 8 (firm) density, giving me some insight to what that would feel like, it can also be used as a lube test. I don't currently have any silicone lube, but if you were really in love with silicone lube, you could use this disk of silicone to test with your lube. Obviously if there's a reaction you aren't gonna want to use that lube with your (expensive new) toy.

There is a certain amount of lint/fuzz attraction to the material, a quick rinse will take care of that though. You can wash the Xenogon with toy wipes, or warm water and mild soap. You can even dishwasher (top shelf, no soap) or boil them if you so choose.

I do want to note that Bad Dragon packaging, because you can only currently purchase directly through them, is very minimalistic. Discreet brown box, toy wrapped in some purple tissue paper, a (generously sized) bottle of Bad Dragons own "Cum Lube," [which deserves a review of it's own, coming soon!] and a silicone sample. That's it, no plastic clam shells, no trashy pictures of half clothed girls, just the box and the goods (and a few packing peanuts). I'm good with that.